Our Mission

If you own a vehicle – whatever it is – we can wrap it! We can wrap your personal car, or van, and we can wrap your commercial fleet of vans, trucks, cars, buses, trailers, motorbikes, even boats. If you want an eye-catching design, or to build your brand awareness, we have it covered! Here in Isle of Man!

Vinyl Detailing

Here at Isle of Wraps, our experts don`t do only full coverage colour change vinyl wraps, but also vinyl detailing. Whatever is your vehicle, and whichever part of it you would like to wrap, our professional team have a wealth of training and experience in detailing – so you know your car, van, bus, truck or motorcycle will be in safe hands with us.
Our designers have years of experience working on private and commercial vehicles, offering helpful advice to vehicle owners through every step.

Sometimes and especially with commercial detailing, our clients already have designs and mind and we work hard to ensure that they are successfully transferred onto vehicles for true reproduction.
Perhaps you would like a matt black roof, gloss red grills, carbon fiber bonnet, or wing mirrors with your company logo on them? We use only the best, premium automotive cast vinyl films for all of our work.
We offer this service for individual customers, and also companies who would like their fleet wrapped – we can arrange detailing for one vehicle or ten for an example.
You can ensure, that our films are the very best quality cast vinyl films from the best brands, what is possible to get on the market, even if some superior custom colour flow films and textured films are very hard to find in the market.

Car Wraps

Whether you would like a personal car wrap or a commercial car wrap, we are here to guide you through every step of the way. Our experienced technicians are here to form your vision to reality, regarding a full colour change, fleet branding, or just to give a personality to your beloved vehicle.

Motorbike Wraps

Just like on vehicles, we use the same premium cast films on to motorbikes. As with cars or vans, your imagination is your limit! If you already have a design in mind, that’s great, if not, our in-house design teams are on hand to help you create your dream bike design.
It can be a simple design involving a motorcycle tank wrap, it can be wild, it can be entirely unique, so give a personality to your motorbike, by your style and taste, or branded to suit your needs for the track.
Perhaps you have recently bought a new bike, and everything is right about it aside from the colour? Or maybe you don’t mind your current paintwork, as it is beautiful, but are concerned about stone chips, scratches and scuffs from daily wear and tear of racing, so you might like to have a protective vinyl coating on the original paintjob? You might just fancy a change, or want to use your motorbike to promote your small business or new venture? Don`t look further, we can make it happen!

Commercial Car Wraps

Along with vans, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles, if you use your car for business then wrapping it can transform your vehicle into a highly visible 24/7 high impact advertisement. For many years now, vehicle livery designs have been an important and one of the most cost-effective part of advertising. Research shows that a vehicle wrap or graphic is the best way to spend a marketing budget, as it have a maximum exposure and therefore the best value for money for any business.
Unlike a re-spray, a vehicle wrap is a temporary choice. With the very best quality of vinyl cast films in the market, your graphics lasts around 4 years or more, even 8 years if you fallow our after care tips, and using aftercare solutions, such as hydrophobic coating over the top of your wrap film. If you have changed your logo, your font, your companies main colours, if you are re-branding, or are now on to a different advertising campaign, you can simply have it changed. The best part is, you don’t need to have the whole wrap removed; just the sections you want to change. Simple, easy and very cost-effective.
We work with very talented graphic designers who can work with you to create the ultimate vehicle branding wrap, which will be far more eye-catching than traditional livery or sign-writing. Car wraps are high-impact, valuable business advertisements and they will get you noticed 24/7. If you have an exact design in mind, we will ensure it is transferred on to your vehicle in an accurate and effective manner. Brand awareness never looked so good!